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Re\volutionize your Leadership

Re\vo specializes in growing people in the areas of emotional intelligence, engagement, mindfulness and resilience.

These critical skills will disrupt your status quo and improve the impact, relationships, resilience and leadership of individuals within your teams.

Created by Alison Coates to inspire a high performance experience that is meaningful to the individual and valuable to the organization, Re\vo delivers the kind of re\volutionary change that empowers people to rethink their leadership approach and allows them to think and perform at their best.

Clients benefit from an internationally recognised suite of recognised assessments; surveys and group or 1-2-1 coaching.  Each program presents a holistic approach for application within and outside of the workplace.

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"86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more." "80% of people who receive coaching report an improvement in self-confidence; 70% benefit from improved performance, relationships and effective communication skills"

Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating high performance.

Research shows that a leader’s emotional intelligence is a key to their capacity to facilitate the kind of emotions in others that inspire performance engagement.

The Re\vo leadership enhancement programmes include:

  • Psychometric assessment for a deeper self-awareness.

  • 180 or 360-degree feedback to reveal perception of others.

  • Solution based coaching and consulting.

  • Customised & relevant action plans to rebuild foundations and support accountability across the organisation.

Decide to accelerate your learning progress by including customised training or train-the-trainer solutions to embed the change and establish personal mastery as a core leadership value.

Deciding to engage a coach usually means you (or your staff) are at a juncture in careers, life or progression.  

Designed as a dialogue between 2 individuals and using a combination of outcomes-based coaching, mentoring and psychometric assessments the Re\vo model drives professional and personal potential based on key emotional intelligence practices. 

One-on-One coaching programmes available:

  • Re\fresh – a 30-day programme that lets you rethink your challenges, review habits and rebuild the foundations to reach your fullest potential (4x 1 hour)

  • Re\fresh-Plus – In addition to ‘Re\fresh’ include a psychometric assessment

  • Re\boot – a 90 day re\volutionary process using world class assessments, tools and accountability support to reveal those parts holding you back –

  • We will coach you through change with confidence and strength

Inspiring audience with crucial insights for positive change.

Re\vo provide thought-provoking & interactive speaking programmes that are designed to disrupt legacy thinking and inspire positive change and innovation.

Recent topics include:

  • Charismatic Leadership.

  • Getting to the Heart of Change.

  • Recharging your success with Resilience.

  • Emotional Intelligence for goal setting.