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The role of coaching is increasingly recognised in NHS and there seem to be trend for coaching not just the executives but also the managers at junior level. Coaching is at times being used synonymous with mentoring in NHS however there is a subtle difference.

Coaching Managers and Team Leaders
There is even culture of converting managers into coaches for motivating and getting the best out of their team members. Coaching culture is all permissive and you can take advantage of it by clicking here now.

There is evidence that the performance of managers who were coached, has improved significantly both at personal level and at leadership plane and they got the best utilisation of team resources (for generating new ideas and acting on these to bring increased throughput, higher motivation and efficiency). While this may result into generating more income in some areas and better patient satisfaction in other areas, it certainly mean a better service provision which the new NHS is aspiring for.

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Coaching and mentoring of doctors in difficulty is becoming well recognised, to help saving millions of pounds across UK. The doctors in difficulty due to personal or family reasons are not able to perform as well as they could if they were offered support tailored to their need. The role of coaching in re-engagement from illness recovery and resettlement into job is enormous. Coaching is a process of skilfully helping, supporting and enhancing progress of the person on the chosen path. The ownership lies with the person being coached called “coachee”. The coach very much act as catalyst and question skilfully to engage person’s inner self solving hurdles and obstacles. Coaching is immensely helpful to the doctors who struggling in some area of their training or have concerns about performance or fitness to practice. The doctors who have been referred to NCAS or GMC get so demoralised that the performance start spiralling down, coaching can redesign the self-esteem and career path for these. Coaching is also immensely helpful for those who have overt or subtle stress due to a complaint (stress is inevitable with any complaint in this profession), particularly Emotional Intelligence coaching which is a special form of coaching to align inner powers with outer capabilities of the human beings.