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Workplace Coaching

Creating a positive environment is a boon and needs a great visionary.

The aim of this information is to inspire you, as a manager or team leader, to take preventative measures and positive action against stress in your workplace. You’ll find strong arguments, exciting challenges and potentially huge profits.


Health is essential for good performance.

It is important to be physically, emotionally and mentally well. World health organisation defines health as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being (social).

It’s true in our day to day life. Healthy work place is quite commonly looked in physical sense. Most organisations and businesses do health and safety checks to pass regulations but fail to ensure that people feel physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Emotional well being of people is a common reason for stress and ill health.

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Coaching of middle and senior managers for listening to the team members without influencing or authority use is vital for workplace health. This allows ventilation of thoughts of the employees and reduce stress tremendously.

Workplace stress is one of vital killer of the productivity and benefits of coaching the managers, individually and collectively, to alleviate their own stress and the stress of their team members is extremely vital for a flourishing organisation. Eintel orgainsation works closely with the senior manager and design a bespoke coaching programme that can be implemented over an 6- 12 month period resulting in significant benefit that is measurable.

The managers are asked to work through their own views about their roles and the contribution they make to the achievement of the organisational goals. The programme is designed to help review the progress of the manager as well as contribution to the senior management team; identifying and enhancing individual and collective strengths; building their capabilities to meet the challenges facing the team and organisation; and establishing the most effective ways the organisation can support them in their role for supporting their team members now and in the future.