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Growing Small Business

What we offer to do is interesting

Eintel organisation has developed a system to coach the mind and body for recycling energy and effectively use it for better performance and achievement. It is possible to recycle the energy through use of emotions and leverage of triggers. Focused use of energy through alignment of unconscious and conscious mind removes the inner conflicts, and drive the person to higher goals for self and greater good.

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  • We guarantee a change in the way of thinking of all the executives and managers coached by us leading to more clear vision, enhanced motivation, intense action. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • We use innovative methods in addition to time tested traditional methods for enhanced delivery of the organisational objective
  • We improve the communication and relationships of the organisations and institutions through sophisticated project management approaches and methodologies
  • We are experienced, have proven track record of delivering projects which add significant benefits to the business and to customers
  • We consolidate the effects of six Sigma technique through mental imprinting, leading to increased and long lasting profits
  • We are aware that needs of client vary and it is vital to provide a coach that can act as catalyst for change straight away, we have a fleet of professionally qualified coaches to suit the need of practically all clients
  •  Substantial understanding of commercial, financial and legislative requirements of projects and the business drivers associated with them
  • Our coaches have detailed understanding of regulatory issues and constraints
  • Our organisation prides in project management experience and strong leadership skills
  • We are flexible, respond to our to our clients’ needs and tailor our services accordingly. With new technology we can even work from our own offices to do distance coaching through tele-audiovisual mode. We also do onsite coaching according to client needs.
  • We are confident that our expertise and flexibility, combined with our competitive rates makes working with us an attractive proposition – please contact us directly for further information or to discuss your particular need.